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Objectives of personnel planning

What does the "Personnel Planning" department do?

In addition to the goal of supporting and advising the organizational units of TU Dortmund University on the topic of "personnel planning", our work also focuses on the employees themselves.

As "people management", we provide support on the one hand with our office support team where the departments temporarily lack capacity, and on the other hand we focus increasingly on individual consulting for individuals or groups.

We ensure

  • to recognize future personnel developments in good time,
  • to relieve bottlenecks by providing temporary office support,
  • that individuals and groups are supported in their professional and organizational development through targeted consulting, 

so that HR managers and organizational units can react more quickly and act with foresight.


With this service we would like to contribute to

  • shorten vacancies
  • avoid overburdening employees with extra work when vacancies arise
  • Counter the shortage of skilled workers and work with you to find good solutions.
  • personnel qualification takes place in a targeted and plannable manner
  • job satisfaction and staff loyalty increase or are maintained (e.g. through tailored deployment, qualification, coaching on the job, etc.)
  • knowledge is retained (e.g. through planned handovers)
  • structures are adapted to personal and organizational needs