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Onboarding Process

Guide for Workgroup Leaders and Superiors

Onboarding turns out to be a process with a substantial diversity of tasks. Even before hiring and during the onboarding of new employees, there are many tasks to be accomplished. In order to keep an overview, a rough guideline can be of great help.

Digital Onboarding

Due to the current situation, the onboarding of new employees is facing major challenges. For suggestions and measures to ensure successful onboarding from the home office and despite the spatial distance, please refer to the document.

Registration for Advanced Training and Continuing Education at TU Dortmund University for new employees

As part of the optimal induction of new employees, it makes sense to participate in training and continuing education measures in good time. It is therefore also possible to admit people to training courses before they actually start work.

You are welcome to register your new employees for such courses in advance.
To do so, fill out the registration form and send it by e-mail to the Continuing Education and Training team.

Note: Admission is only possible subject to the proviso that employment actually exists at the time the measure begins.


These documents serve as a working guide for the onboarding processes. In many areas, contact persons must be individually adapted. The listed measures serve as recommendations and do not represent any obligation.
If you have any suggestions or additions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact Persons