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Occupational Health Management - What is it?

The primary goal of occupational health management (BGM) is the promotion of health and employability of staff members. Structures and processes are developed to ensure that work, organization and behavior in the workplace are conducive to health. After all, health and well-being are prerequisites for successful work.

The BGM measures have a preventive character: illnesses, accidents and behavior which is detrimental to health are to be avoided. The measures of the BGM can help to optimize the working conditions and better cope with challenges of the working world, such as increasing time pressure and responsibility. The target group includes all employees of TU Dortmund University.

Participation in the events and counseling formats is mostly possible during the working hours. The BGM offers are regularly evaluated for need and effectiveness and then adapted or supplemented as necessary.

The Occupational Health Management Introduces Itself:

"Healthy employees for a strong campus" - this is the motto of the new corporate health management image film at TU Dortmund University.
For several years now, the company health management has been developing a variety of health offers and supports employees in feeling good at work and staying healthy and productive in the long run.
The new image film shows how important the topic of health is at the TU Dortmund University and draws attention to the various offers of the Corporate Health Management to strengthen one's own health at work.

We would like to thank our media designer trainees for producing the film, as well as Techniker Krankenkasse and DHF Media GmbH for supporting us in the production of the image film.


Employee satisfaction survey on resources and strains at the workplaces of TU Dortmund University

In order to optimize working conditions and fulfill the requirements of occupational health and safety law in accordance with Section 5 German Occupational Safety and Health Act (Arbeitsschutzgesetz, ArbSchG), the "Employee satisfaction survey on resources and strains at workplaces" was carried out across the university in the period from February to April 2017.

Details on the results of the survey and the further procedure can be found here in the ServicePortal.

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