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staff mobility Erasmus+

In order to promote the internationalization of the university on all levels, TU Dortmund University supports stays abroad for further education and training purposes in the program countries of the ERASMUS+ program for staff mobility.


Non-scientific employees of the administration and central institutions can apply for financial support.

Stays are from a minimum of 2 days up to a maximum of 1 week (excluding travel days), with longer stays possible in exceptional cases. The range of funding options is very wide, so there is plenty scope for designing individual stays abroad. Funding is available, for example, for job shadowing, participation in language courses, workshops or seminars.

The EU commission / DAAD subsidize the accommondation and travel costs with fixed sums. There is no reimbursement of travel expenses like stipulated within the framework of the LRKG NRW. For more information on the procedure and the handling of participation in the erasmus program, please visit the website of the international office: https://in­ter­na­tio­

If you have any questions in this context, please contact Ms. Schöne (andrea.schoenetu-dortmundde).

The employeess of the target group can apply for financial support within the deadlines mentioned below. The prerequisite for each mobility measure is that an independent program selection and organization of the trip takes place and is to be planned in close coordination with the corresponding superior, the international office and the section personnel development. Additional prerequisites are the willingness to report on one's own experiences and to provice support during a return visit (so-called incomings) to TU Dortmund Univesity.

The following application documents must be sent by e-mail to department 3.3 (weiterbildungtu-dortmundde, zu Händen Frau Fischer) by the deadline:

  • Letter of motivation from the applicant
  • Letter of recommendation from the corresponding superior
  • Planned project and a program desciption


  • 3 months before the planned stay

Take advantage of the next information event on 23 May 2024 to find out more and/or clarify any questions you may have (registration via Innerbetriebliche Weiterbildung | Arbeitsplatz Hoch­schu­le at theServicePortal)