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Ancillary areas of personnel law

As a competent contact partner for ancillary areas of personnel law, we handle your business trips, excursions, secondary employment matters, recreational leave as well as your relocation costs, separation allowances and salary advances in a responsible and legally secure manner. It goes without saying that we assist you in these matters in a service-oriented manner.

Business trip management

We process your business trips from approval until settlement. In doing so, we ensure the proper and legally compliant settlement of travel expenses in compliance with travel expense law. We are happy to advise and support you in all matters relating to your planned business trips and the subsequent settlement of travel expenses in the SAP system.

You can find further information on business trip management in the ServicePortal or contact the colleagues in Subject area 3 directly.

You can also find the contact person who is responsible for you in the administration's overview of responsibilities.

Ancillary areas

Recreational holiday

In addition to this, we are responsible for the administration of recreational leave for pay-scale employees, trainees and civil servants.

The application for recreational leave must be submitted via FIORI in good time before the start of the leave so that superiors are able to check and approve it in advance.

You can find further information on the topic of recreational leave in the ServicePortal.

Secondary activities

In addition to the areas of travel expenses and recreational leave, we are also responsible for reviewing and approving secondary employment.

Employment at TU Dortmund University is considered to be the main employment. A secondary employment is the performance of a secondary office/occupation or the exercise of a secondary activity. For each secondary employment, an application for approval must be submitted through official channels or a notification of secondary employment must be sent in good time before the activity begins.

The application forms and further information on the topic of secondary employment can be found in the Serviceportal.

Separation allowance, relocation allowances, salary advances

In addition, we administer all separation allowances, relocation allowances and salary advances.

If you have any questions on these topics, please do not hesitate to contact us personally.