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Further professional qualification

Further professional training leads to the assumption of higher-value tasks and thus represents an attractive development prospect for employees.

Without exception, support is provided on a needs-oriented basis, i.e. employees to be supported must be offered or offered the prospect of a higher-value target position before the start of further training.

Attention: New admission requirements!

For more details, please refer to the guidelines for the promotion of further professional qualifications.

The further qualification replaces the previous H2 qualification course and is carried out in cooperation with the WWU Münster and the IHK Nord Westfalen.

In a time frame of approx. 18 months, the participants acquire the professional and social skills to be ideally equipped for new professional challenges and to put their already experienced knowledge on a solid foundation in the approx. 692 attendance hours (incl. integrated practical phase) and the 612 hours of self-study of the qualification course in university management.

Further information:

The Technical University of Dortmund supports and encourages employees in industrial professions to prepare for the master craftsman's examination while working:

    prepare for the master craftsman's examination
    complete further training as a technician at a vocational college.

The further qualification is carried out in cooperation with IT.NRW and the IHK Cologne.

The aim of the further qualification is to become a certified IT Business Consultant, IT Systems Manager or IT Business Manager and corresponds to DQR qualification level 6 (Bachelor's degree level).

The further qualification takes place over a period of 22 months on a part-time basis once a week on a fixed weekday and always begins in September of the respective year.

All information on the course, its schedule and content etc. can be found here or on the IT.NRW website

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